President’s Message

Spring 2017

Hello to my fellow NAPCH members,

Your Executive Board just had the annual Spring meeting. Many improvements to the Association and upcoming Alpena Seminar were discussed. The Board was glad to hear of upcoming Regional Seminars and hope many more are in the future. Your Board approved the purchase of a smaller utility trailer so equipment could be shipped with smaller vehicles to the Regional Seminars. Legal Advisor John Peters is going to go over your By-Laws and make recommendations of updating and improving for our growing organization.

The Alpena Seminar dates are Saturday September 30th thru Thursday October 5th this year. The registration for the Seminar will be posted on the website.

I advised the Executive Board of the upcoming changes and upgrading of the NAPCH website.
These changes should take effect within the month of June.

I encourage all of our members to please contact your Executive Board or myself if there is a concern or improvement you would like to see done.
Regional Seminars are an excellent way of getting together and sharing training techniques.

Keep your training up and be prepared! Please stay safe!!

– Terry Foley (President)