Upcoming Events

⭐ Alpena 2017 National Seminar ⭐

When:  Saturday, September 30th thru Thursday, October 5th 2017
Where:  CRTC Base in Alpena, Michigan

Cost:  $400.00 per NAPCH member


Use this page to see registration details.

You must be a NAPCH member to attend.

Information and updates will be posted on the website in the near future.
NAPCH members please update your dues, and advise your Departments and Business employers of our new address.

ATTENTION ATTENDING PERSONNEL: You MUST bring Valid Driver’s License, Department ID and Private Teams CPL to present at gate on arrival. You MUST be on NAPCH attending list to get on the Base!

What to bring

  • Any linen, (sheets, pillow cases) for twin beds. Some bring sleeping bags.
  • Towels and shower items.
  • Crate for partner. (Must be crated when you are not in room).
  • Room has small refrigerator.
  • Duty equipment for exercises and ammo for live gun range.
  • Uniform if you wish a formal picture with your partner by ACE K9.
  • Any donations for Raffle night. (Takes care of Hospitality Room).
  • The Base has a workout room, laundry room, internet and PX.
  • If you forget anything there is a Walmart, gasoline stations, and party stores 5 minutes from the Base.
  • We never know what the Michigan weather will bring us so pack wet protection, cold and warm weather protection.


  • Michigan K9 Teams bring your MCOLES number and must present upon registering.